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Skill Development

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BACB Exam Prep

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Pass the BCBA/BCaBA exam with the CBA Learning Module Series. We offer a money-back guarantee or a free extension to the end of the next testing cycle if you fail the exam and meet our policy criterion. This program is used by about half of all applicants who take the BCaBA and BCBA exams and with a money-back guarantee, it's a no-brainer. Access the CBA on our training platform from any device with internet capability.



Specializing in books that cater to students and professionals in the behavior analysis field. Over 150 books on training, treatment, education, conceptual issues, ethics, autism and other developmental disabilities, B. F. Skinner, experimental methodology, pharmacology, and more.

Recommended titles you should have in your library:

  • Applied Behavior Analysis, 2nd Ed.
  • Behavior Analysis for Lasting Change
  • Ethics for Behavior Analysts, 2nd Expanded Edition
  • Strategies and Tactics of Behavioral Research, 3rd Edition or Single Case Research Methodology 2nd Edition
  • Teaching and Learning in Plain English
  • Teaching Language to Children with Autism of other Developmental Disabilities

BACB and Psych CE

Sometimes it is too expensive or otherwise not practical to attend conferences, workshops, or other venues in which CE credits are typically provided.

Receive quality, professional development and earn credits from your home. All courses provide Type II credits and there is no limit to the number of credits you can submit to the BACB toward recertification. Also, some courses are approved for Psychology credits. Earn just BACB, or only Psychology, or get both credit types in one course. Some courses we offer:

  • 25 Essential Skills for Professional Behavior Analysts
  • Bailey & Burch Ethics
  • Delayed Reinforcement
  • Products of Fluency
More CE products on a variety of topics coming soon.

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Reach over 30,000 behavior analysts with employment opportunities or with news that will affect the field in a monthly e-mail announcement.

Jobs and News

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Global History Proficiency & Prep course, designed for New York Regents Exam.

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Since 1998 we've helped behavior analysts become Board certified. We’ve achieved this by applying the scientific principles and methods of applied behavior analysis to the development of instructional content and software. More specifically, we use goals and specific measurable objectives to teach the discriminations necessary to ensure that those objectives are learned. We then provide plenty of practice to ensure fluency and maintenance.

Although our primary customer-base has been behavior analysts, we also provide customized training to other human service organizations and private companies. With our new web-based platform, we are able to provide training to virtually anyone connected to the internet with a PC, Mac, iPad, and most mobile devices. If you have training needs, please get in touch. We may be able to help.