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Actively Caring at Your School: How to Make it Happen

By E. Scott Geller
Make A Difference (2013)
Paperback / 330 page

Can you imagine? An educational culture free of illicit drugs, interpersonal conflict and bullying. Self-motivated learning inspired by state-of-the-art teaching. Students and teachers looking forward to attending class with an optimistic, achievement-focused, and cooperative mindset. This is a vision of the Actively Caring for People (AC4P) Movement. This book reveals how to make this vision a reality through evidence-based principles and practical interventions. Real-world applications with compelling stories teach you how to cultivate and sustain an AC4P culture at your school. As a Professor of Psychology at Virginia Tech for 44 years, E. Scott Geller enthusiastically combines teaching, research, and scholarship to optimize the educational experience for thousands of university students - from undergraduates in large-lecture classes to Ph.D. students in one-on-one mentoring sessions. His credo: Tell them and they'll forget; Demonstrate and they'll remember, Involve them and they'll understand.

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