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Behavioral Science: Tales of Inspiration, Discovery, and Service

Stories from the Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies
Edited by R.D. Holdsambeck
and H.S. Pennypacker

The 20th century saw major advances in the quality of life for most of us. For many, however, there was little progress. Children with autism and many severe developmental disorders often ended up in large state run institutions with little hope of ever leaving.  Our educational system left many students unable to read.  Cars were becoming safer but drivers lagged behind.  Treatments for breast cancer were advancing but too often they were not started early enough to save the life of the patient. Management practices in many organizations were reminiscent of the early industrial revolution.  These and other problems called for a new approach to understanding behavior.  Fortunately, a small group of scientists met this challenge and a new science of behavior emerged. Armed with decades of research on how behavior changes, they began to change the world.  


Here you will meet a few of these pioneers. They will tell you their stories in their own words. They will tell you how and why they abandoned traditional methods and sought new and better solutions to the persistent problems of our society. You will get to know them as passionate people with a deep commitment to science and making the world a better place. 

Through a partnership between the Cambridge Center and
UWF, Office of ABA, BACB CE Credits are available for purchase.


Contributing Authors:

Teodoro Ayllon
Carl Binder
Andy Bondy
Abigail Calkin
Aubrey Daniels
E. Scott Geller
Robert Holdsambeck
Kent Johnson
Richard Malott
Terry McSween
Francis Mechner
Henry Pennypacker
Karen Pryor
Kurt Salzinger
Murray Sidman
Tristram Smith
Beth Sulzer-Azaroff
Travis Thompson