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CBA Learning Module Series v7.1

This is the program your professors and colleagues told you about--the one that approximately half of the people preparing for the BCBA/BCaBA exam use and for which there is a money-back guarantee.


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Version 7.1 of the CBA Learning Modules Series has several new features that make the program more powerful and user friendly than previous versions and it has over 2,100 questions and 150 Pre-/Post-Test questions. Recently added in November 2012 are Strategies for Success (a learning module that will maximize your effective use of the program), Pre- and Post-Tests, a Knowledge Base for every question in the Series, and approximately 100 updated questions. Additional enhancements are forthcoming.

picPLEASE NOTE: The purchase of each license entitles one person access to the CBA Learning Module Series. (If it becomes apparent that a license is being shared, that license will be disabled. You will be required to contact Behavior Development Solutions to re-instate your license. A fee may be charged at our discretion. The money-back guarantee and the free extension to the next exam period associated with this product will become invalid.)  


Our survey data from customers who completed the CBA Learning Module Series to 100% in January 2013 reflects a 96.9% and a 75% pass rate for first time exam takers and retakers, respectively.  For this test cycle, the BACB reports pass rates of 57.7% and 30.1% for first time and retakers, respectively ( Unfortunately, the BACB data also included the CBA Learning Module Series users.  If there were a way to remove the CBA user data from this group,the BACB pass rates would be even lower.  To learn more on how to prepare for the next Board exam, please read our article: Exam Preparation Strategies 

Moreover, we offer a money-back guarantee on the CBA Learning Module Series. That's right; if you complete all of the modules to 100% within the 6 months before the exam and you fail the exam, you'll get your money back (INCLUDES ALL THE MODULES IN UNIT 1 through Unit 10. It excludes the Pre- and Post Tests). Of course, there is some fine print, so please see our money back guarantee for details.  Please note that some universities may pre-purchase CBA licenses for students and may have instituted a NO return policy. In these cases, Behavior Development Solutions also adapts a NO return policy. 

If you only complete 70% of the modules to criterion (100% correct) and fail the exam, we'll give you a free extension to the next exam date.  Exam postponement and weekly extensions are also available. Please see license extension for details.

The CBA Learning Module Series is not a practice test. Several questions are used to teach each concept. The student practices each module until she gets 100% correct in the allotted time. It doesn't take long to go through the modules to get to 100% proficiency, and it's a fun way to review the material because it requires active responding. The program keeps track of your progress and you can print out or e-mail reports from inside the program. You can e-mail BDS any questions you have about specific items while working on the exercise.  Also, you can review missed questions when finished with an exercise.

The modules are available in duplicate sets--an acquisition module and a fluency module.  For the acquisition module, the timer is set for 1 hour--far more time than you need.  For the fluency module, the timer is set for (usually) 5 minutes.  We recommend that you complete the acquisition module to 100% before proceeding to the fluency module.

As for strategy, we recommend that you begin preparing with the CBA Learning Module Series at least a couple of months before the exam; although, we know that some people have completed the Series in a week.  We recommend that you use the hints unless you are almost certain you know the answer.  Also, we suggest that you work on 2-3 module sets at a time.  When you get to 100% on one module set, drop it and pick up another one.

Each of the 2100+ questions includes:

  • four multiple choice options
  • corrective feedback for each option
  • a hint
  • a text book reference for more information on that topic

The time criterion assures that fluent responding is achieved—the kind of learning that leads to retention

CBA LMS v8 Pricing


Volume Discount for Purchase of
Six or More Licenses

License Options

per Set*

Standard Pricing

Non-Course Requirement^

Course Requirement§

06 mo.





12 mo.





24 mo.





36 mo.





Extension to next exam

see above


Available to existing license holders or recently expired licenses.  Contact BDS for eligibility determination.

Failure --extend to next exam cycle

see above


Complete at least 70% of the modules to qualify.  Request within 60 days of receiving  BACB exam results.

*There are 188 module sets.  A set consists of two types of modules--acquisition and fluency.  Within a set, the content is the same in both types.  The number indicated above is the number of runs for each module set. Quitting a module prematurely forfeits that run.

^To qualify, a professor, agency, or group coordinator should submit a list of six or more individuals (include first and last name and e-mail). BDS will e-mail discount information.

§Submit a syllabus indicating that the CBA Learning Module Series is a requirement for the course.  Universities may provide a class roster
(first and last name and e-mail) and students will be e-mailed discount information.


GROUP- If you are part of a group of six or more or if your professor has made the CBA Learning Module Series a requirement and arrangements have been made for you to receive a discount, make your purchase using the user ID and password you have been furnished.  Your discount will automatically be applied to your purchase.  If you have not received an email indicating special group or student rates, please make your inquiry by email.

2nd PURCHASE -  If you previously purchased a CBA license and are purchasing a 2nd license, a $30 discount can be applied to your account PRIOR to making your purchase.  This discount cannot be combined with any other discounts.

For discount inquiries, please email:

Special Offers

Rethink Autism--A 6-month free trial of Rethink©--the web-based autism treatment platform. A $474 value and a great tool for jump-starting your career as a BCBA/BCaBA practitioner. To learn more about Rethink, visit www.rethinkfirst.comMust be requested during CBA license dates.


Special offers are available to customers who purchase a CBA license.  Please send an email to after you have completed your order.

Computer Requirements

The CBA Learning Module Series will work on Macs, PCs, i-Devices & Android devices connected to the Internet.  

For PCs running Windows VISTA, XP or Windows 7, use Internet Explorer v8, V9 or V11, Chrome, or Firefox. (Do NOT use AOL).

For PCs running Windows 8, use Internet Explorer V11,  Chrome or Firefox (Do NOT useAOL)

For Macs, use Safari or Chrome.  (Do NOT use Firefox, do NOT use AOL)  

With the release of iOS7, we have successfully tested the following browsers on an iPad: Safari, Puffin and Atomic. If you have problems, we recommend trying a new browser.

Limited support provided on i-Devices & Android devices. 



Stephen Eversole, Ed.D., BCBA-D holds a MA in Applied Behavior Analysis from Western Michigan University and an Ed.D. in Special Education from the University of Kentucky. Dr. Eversole has over 30 years experience working in applied behavior analysis and with developmentally disabled persons.  Much is owed to the multitude of people who assisted with editing and learners who provided feedback. We are extremely grateful for their input.

Demo and Refund Policy

A Demo version is available for your use at Login with username guest and the password guest.  It is highly recommended that you use the Demo before making your purchase.  

Please see Shipping, Returns, & Refunds for information on online course refunds and license extensions

Should I Use V7.1 or V8?

If you are taking the BCBA or BCaBA exam in 2014, we recommend that you use v7.1; if taking the exam in 2015 or later, use v8.  However, if you have used v7.1, feel that you've mastered it, and you've already taken the exam and failed it, you could probably benefit by switching to v8.  There is no charge to switch from v7.1 to v8 for the remainder of your license duration.  Simply e-mail us at requesting the switch and in 2-3 business days we will have switched you over.  Once the switch is made, you will have access to your v7.1 data, but not any of the modules. If the CBA Learning Modules Series are required by your university, please check with them before requesting a switch from V7.1 to V8


Frequently Asked Questions

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Note: The BACB ® does not endorse this or any BCBA or BCaBA examination preparation course. Material in this course was not obtained from the BCBA or BCaBA certification examination and completing this course does not guarantee that you will pass the BCBA or BCaBA examination.






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