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All CE courses are available for BACB credits and some are approved for Psychology credits.  Subject to their eligibility, courses can be purchased for BACB credits, Psychology credits, or both. To manage your CE credits on the BACB web site, you will need our ACE Provider number: OP-02-0017. BDS is an authorized Type II continuing education provider. Scroll down to browse all of our CE courses!

The Behavior Analyst Certification Board® does not warrant, endorse, sponsor, approve or partner with the CE events, this organization, or instructors. (Note that the above disclaimer does not mean that the BACB disapproves these products. They simply don't endorse any CE products or events and they want you to know this. However, they do approve providers and BDS is an Approved CE Provider. Therefore, you can rest assured that your CE credits will be accepted by the BACB.)

Various course formats are available, ranging from fluency-model to read-and-test modelEthics CE courses are also available. If you are interested in becoming a supervisor, we offer an 8-hour Supervisory Training Course, developed in partnership with Drs. Jon Bailey & Mary Burch.  

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Maloney Method Online Course - 12.0 CE Credits

The "Maloney Method" uniquely incorporates the best educational strategies into one all-encompassing system. With 40 years of successful interventions for children and adults, the Maloney Method will help improve your planning programming and interventions leading to improved results.

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8-Hour Supervisory Training for Behavior Analysts - 12 month license

picDeveloped in partnership with Drs. Jon Bailey and Mary Burch, this course is approved for 9.5 Type II Supervision BACB CE credits and meets the BACB’s requirement for an 8-hour, competency-based training. The activity involves watching videos, reading the material in 58 online modules that are based on the BACB Supervisor Training Task list, and actively responding to a series of learning module questions. Pre- & Post-Tests and quizzes on the material are included.

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Bailey & Burch Ethics v3 Comprehensive & Advanced - 11 BACB Credits - 3 Month License

by Dr. Jon Bailey
and Dr. Mary Burch

picAvailable for 11 Type II Ethics BACB CE credits. The activity for this course involves reading the book Ethics for Behavior Analysts, 3rd Edition by Jon S. Bailey and Mary R. Burch and then taking four tests. The book, available on this web site, must be purchased separately and can be ordered here.

10 Common Pediatric Problems & Solutions - 2.0 Credits

by Dr. Ennio Cipani

picAvailable for both BACB and Psychology credits. The activity for this course involves reading the book A Clinical Treatment Guide to 10 Common Pediatric Behavioral Problems by Ennio Cipani, Ph.D., and then taking a test. The book can be downloaded for free here.
From $35.00