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January 2020

A new year is generally associated with resolutions and promises. We wish you success meeting your goals, victory for all your challenges, and a happy, healthy 2020. Thanks for making the journey with us!

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OBM Foundations

Authored in 2019 by Nicole Postma, BCBA. Edited by Stephen Eversole, Ed.D., BCBA-D

The activity for this course involves completing a series of fluency-based modules. Earn 1.5 Type II BACB CE credits upon completing this course. Suitable for BCBAs and BCaBAs who are interested in Organizational Behavior Management, OBM Foundations provides the learner with an introduction to key OBM concepts and principles such a performance management, pinpointing, performance diagnostics, reinforcement, goal setting, and more.


Upcoming Webinars!

Earn up to 8 BACB Type 2 CE credits! Continuing Education credits for Psychologists are also available. Suited for BCBAs, BCaBAs, Psychologists, SLPs, and more!

JAN. 24, 2020 11 am - 2 pm ET

FEB. 7, 2020 11 am - 2 pm ET

Feb. 26, 2020 12 pm - 2 pm ET

Assessing and Treating Childhood Sleep Problems
presented by Keira Moore, BCBA-D, LABA

This webinar is designed for behavior analysts, psychologists, and other clinicians who work with children and want to learn more about assessing and treating sleep problems in both typically developing children and children on the autism spectrum. In this webinar, we will start by conceptually analyzing sleep as behavior, and looking at the environmental factors that affect sleep. From there, we will identify common sleep problems in children and look at what typically causes them. Participants will also learn how to assess sleep problems, with a brief introduction to Dr. Hanley's Sleep Assessment and Treatment Tool (SATT; 2005), and discuss some common behavioral treatment strategies for sleep problems. By the end of the webinar, participants should be able to conceptualize sleep problems through the lens of the behavior analytic contingency, identify common sleep problems in children, and identify and describe at least three behavioral sleep treatment strategies. Participants will also be provided with resources to further explore the assessment and treatment of sleep problems including the SATT and data-based research articles on the treatment of sleep problems. This webinar will be taught by Dr. Keira Moore, BCBA-D, LABA (MA), a 2015 graduate of the Western New England University Ph.D. program in Behavior Analysis.

Dr. Moore has been working with children in the field of behavior analysis for over 15 years. She currently runs Moore behavior Consulting, a behavior analytic consulting company, focused on the assessment and treatment of sleep problems (

Journal Club Series
presented by Nicole Bank, BCBA

This is an interactive live online journal club. Participants will receive CEs for completing all journal club activities. Journal club discussions will include article details, article results, and implications for practice. BDS is interested in increasing scholarly activities and discussion among BCBAs and BCaBAs. Check out this category page often for future CE events in the BDS Journal Club Series! 

Coming In March
Ennio Cipani presents...
Escape from What?
Featuring the
Cipani Behavioral Classification System

"After attending your webinar today, I have to begin by saying, you are brilliant and inspirational. I have read several of your articles and posts through NASP, and when I saw that you would be presenting today I was motivated to sign up."
Dr. Caitlin Reilly Lostan, BCBA, NCSP


If you want a free pdf of the Cipani Behavioral Classification System diagnostic manual, please email Ennio at and write pdf request in subject line before March 1.

"The webinar was easy to access and well organized. I highly recommend this course to BCBAs and school psychologists. I enjoyed listening to and learning from Dr. Cipani. The handouts that were provided were detailed and will be of use. I appreciated the presenter's desire to share and spread this knowledge to BCBAs, as well as, his desire that BCBAs use language that is appropriate to the audience when sharing this knowledge with others. I also appreciated Dr. Cipani's adherence to good training practices when using this information with staff and/or supervisees. Blessings and gratitude, Ennio! Thank you for being you, and being willing to share you knowledge to improve the practice of others. Also, thank you to the moderators for their help and support."
Zina McDowell, MS BCBA

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