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November 2018
As ABA professionals, it's important to keep up with current events in our field.
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Registration is open for the Women in Behavior Analysis (WIBA) Conference! The event is scheduled for Feb. 28-March 2 at the Omni Nashville Hotel in Nashville, TN. WIBA’s mission is to strengthen the profession of behavior analysis and create a support network for minorities within the field that extends beyond this conference.

Early bird registration will end Nov. 30th


Job Opportunity: Clinical Supervisor (BCBA/LBA)
ELIJA Transition Program and Services (TPS) Long Island, New York

ELIJA Transition Program and Services (TPS) is a private, non-profit transition program on Long Island in New York. The mission of ELIJA TPS is to provide a multi-year, comprehensive, behaviorally based, and scientifically validated curriculum for individuals with autism. We utilize the science of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) as our teaching philosophy in individual, small group, and incidental teaching settings and we primarily treat the three core deficits of autism: communication, impeding behavior and social competencies.

TPS exclusively serves transitional age children and adults with autism. This program is highly structured, individualized, and supervised.


  • Must have a minimum of a MA in a related field. BCBA and NYS-LBA required. BACB Supervision- Certified preferred.
  • Pursue a full- time position in a 12-month program.
  • Must have positive work & academic references.
  • Must be energetic, creative, intuitive, and enthusiastic.
  • Must be eager to learn more about the principles of ABA and how to utilize the science to teach in individual, small group, and incidental teaching environments.
  • Must have experience and enjoy working with young adults and adults with autism who have behavioral, social and communicative disorders.
  • Must be able to multitask.

All full-time employees benefit from:

  • Competitive salaries plus health coverage.
  • Ongoing staff development in behavior analysis and autism treatment design.
  • A positive work environment that will challenge you and bring out your fullest potential.
  • Supervision and mentorship for those seeking certification in behavior analysis. 

Contact: Debora Thivierge, Executive Director or fax resume to 516-216-5272

Be Careful When Applying Direct Instruction

Michael Maloney
October 13, 2018

Direct Instruction programs are enjoying a slight resurgence, largely because of its Language for Learning program being used to teach language skills to children on the ASD spectrum. But some therapists, teachers, homeschoolers, and charter schools have pushed beyond the language programs and into the reading, spelling, and math programs.

The usual problems with these programs remain, as they have for almost 50 years; inadequate training, insufficient supervision and the outrageous cost of the programs themselves. Nonetheless, the programs continue to deliver consistently good results.

For those branching into the reading, spelling, and math programs, similar results are being reported. Charter schools whose underprivileged children are benefiting from these programs, are among the most successful in their districts. The four Country Day Schools in North Carolina are a good example of the effectiveness of Direct Instruction programs.

he danger is that these programs actually work, as they have since the early days of their research history in Project Follow Through. To use them requires more energy and effort of any program and every teacher. When one teacher begins to create increased academic results, it is usually written off as a characteristic of that teacher – “natural born teacher” is the common explanation. When several teachers achieve that effect, they begin to overshadow the efforts of their non-DI colleagues. This can be problematic, especially when the parents begin to notice and even more so when they begin to request or demand the programs for their child.

Districts often quell this situation by removing the effective teachers and/or the effective programs. Their administrative agenda is more about keeping peace in the schools than adopting change that would force some teachers to retrain and use programs that they dislike. Out goes another baby with the bathwater. This is bad news for parents and schools, but good news for those BCBAs, clinics, and tutoring centers that offer Direct Instruction programs.

For those interested in precision teaching, here are three sources to find a free Precision Teaching Standard Celeration Chart:
1. - the original paper chart
2. - an app based digital chart
3. - a web based digital chart

12-Week Online CEU Workshop with the University of West Florida

A Model for Education: Behavior Analysis, Direct Instructions, and Precision Teaching.

The "Maloney Method" uniquely incorporates the best educational strategies into an all-encompassing system. With 40 years of successful interventions for children and adults, the Maloney Method will help improve your planning, programming, and interventions leading to improved results.

Register Now at

Questions? Contact

Michael Maloney is an educator, researcher, writer, and speaker with more than 50 years of hands-on experience in both the private and public education sectors.

Job Opportunity: BCBA Clinical Supervisor
Autism Home Services NW Indiana and Chicagoland

Unique Full-Time Opportunity in your area. Our BCBA position allows flexibility and autonomy by providing both services at home and in our learning center. Our approach minimizes restrictions and conditions set by a “company” and tries to focus on providing the most conducive environment to conduct therapy. By giving a BCBA an open slate approach, we allow the therapist to use their best judgement for treatment. We simply provide the tools to be successful.

Our footprint in NW Indiana is expanding. This is opening up new opportunities for qualified individuals that have recently graduated, looking to sit for the BCBA exam, or have years of ABA experience. We ask that all applicants either be certified, or be sitting for the exam within 90 days. Please contact for details or visit our web page at to apply.

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A culmination of years of clinical work involving direct ABA intervention, teaching, coaching, training, and clinical oversight to teams delivering ABA intervention. Includes Companion Forms and Data Templates that are used along with the written Skill Acquisition Teaching Plans. These documents offer a user-friendly structure for setting up a student’s program binder, as well as information for how to organize necessary information for teaching and monitoring student progress.

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Upcoming Conferences!

11/03/18 COABA - Colorado Association for Behavior Analysis
11/05/18 - 11/06/18 SCABA - South Carolina Association for Behavior Analysis*
11/08/18 - 11/10/18 CSCS - Conference of the Standard Celeration Society
11/08/18 - 11/09/18 MAC - Midsouth Autism Conference
11/08/18 - 11/09/18 TABA - Tennessee Association for Behavior Analysis*
11/15/18 - 11/16/18 NJACP - New Jersey Association of Community Providers
11/16/18 - 11/17/18 MOABA - Missouri Association of Behavior Analysis
11/30/18 - 12/01/18 GABA - Georgia Association of Behavior Analysis
11/30/18 - 11/30/18 LIBAC - Long Island Behavior Analysis Conference
12/06/18 - 12/07/18 MABA - Maryland Association for Behavior Analysis

*BDS plans to attend