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NY Regents Curriculum Supplement & Exam Prep

Behavior Development Solutions is proud to introduce a brand new category to our family of online learning solutions: Curriculum & Regents Prep

Developed by our new division, learnNY, our first product is the Global History Proficiency & Prep Course.

Please visit the product page to review pricing, product details, bulk purchase price breaks, and instructions to access a free demo of this course.

Single licenses are available for individual learners.

Bulk licenses are available for educators, schools, tutors, coaches, homeschool groups, and others who are supervising multiple learners. 

The Global History Proficiency & Prep Course is designed to help learners pass the Global History section of the New York Regents and/or to supplement global history curriculum in or outside of the classroom.  LearnNY is NOT affiliated with the New York State Education Department.  For official information concerning the New York State Regents Exams, please visit the NYSED web site at:

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learnNY Global History Proficiency & Prep Course

Prepare for the NY Regents Exam.
Enhance your studies with our online platform.
Supplement global history curriculum, in and outside of the classroom. Start learning today!
Bulk purchase discounts are available! See the bottom of the product page for all pricing details.
From $143.00