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Classroom Pivotal Response Teaching for Children with Autism

By Aubyn C. Stahmer, Jessica Suhrheinrich, Sarah Reed, Laura Schreibman, and Cynthia Bolduc
Guilford Press, August, 2011
Paperback / 224 Pages + DVD

Comprehensive Behavior Management

by Ronald C. Martella
J. Ron Nelson
Nancy E. Marchand-Martella
Mark O'Reilly
Sage Corwin Press

Enhancing Instructional Problem Solving

An Efficient System for Assisting Struggling Learners
by John C. Begeny, Ann C. Schulte, and Kent Johnson
Guilford Press
Paperback / 338 pages

Handbook of Response to Intervention in Early Childhood

Volume Editors Virginia Buysse
and Ellen S. Peisner-Feinberg
Brookes Publishing, 2013
Hardcover / 488 pages