Behavior Development Solutions

Extension Information

A free extension to the end of the next exam cycle is available to customers who fail the exam and would like to continue using the CBA Learning Module Series. To be eligible:

1) 70% of the CBA learning modules in Areas 02, 03, 04, and 05 must be completed to 100% correct* within 6 months from the actual exam date and you fail the exam** as indicated by the CBA Course Completion Report.

2) BDS receiving the original BACB notification email indicating exam failure; must include recipients email address

3) The BACB Exam Report must be forwarded to BDS within 60 days of the licensed user's initial receipt of the Exam Report. Forward the Exam Report, BACB notification email, and extension request to

4) All extension requests are subject to BDS review and final approval.

Customers who have failed the exam, but have not completed 70% of the modules, and/or those who have decided to postpone the exam until the following session, may purchase an extension to the end of the next exam cycle or weekly. Click here for details. 

Extension options are not available for Board Certified Behavior Analysts and customers with CBA licenses that have been expired for 12 months or more. Example one; a license expiration date of 9/15/14 does not qualify for an extension if requested after 9/15/15.

if you require more study time, another full CBA license may be purchased. BDS offers a $30 second purchase discount. Please send an email requesting the discount to

*For the purpose of this free extension, BDS completion requirements might differ from and supersede all university and organization terms.

**For example, if you take the BACB Exam on February 15, 2020, your Course Completion report must reflect completion (to 100%) on at least 70% of the modules in Areas 02, 03, 04, and 05 between August 15, 2019 and February 15, 2020. 
Module completion is not based on the CBA license dates but rather on an exact 6 month time period determined by the actual exam date.