Functional Behavioral Assessment, Diagnosis, and Treatment 2nd Edition

A Complete System for Education and Mental Health Settings
By Ennio Cipani, PhD
Keven M. Schock, MA, BCBA
Springer Publication, Nov 2010
Paperback, 340 pages

Now in its second edition, this popular text provides a comprehensive approach to functional behavioral assessment, a function-based diagnostic classification system of the target problem, and functional behavioral treatment. This new edition also provides a wealth of new case studies, some drawn from the authors' own clinical experiences, in addition to a greater analysis of the role of establishing operations (EO) and abolishing operations (AO).

An ideal textbook for courses in Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA), this book helps students cultivate an in-depth understanding of assessing, diagnosing, and treating problem behaviors in a functional perspective.

Key features:

•Provides a methodology for functional behavioral assessment, including indirect as well as direct measurement techniques such as analogue and in-situ methods

•Includes innovative recommendations for conducting descriptive and trigger analyses and discusses how to use them in assessment and treatment evaluation

•Presents a function-based, diagnostic classification system for diagnosing problem behaviors, as well as functional diagnostic system for assessing the current strength of potential replacement behaviors

•Includes integrated online ancillary materials for students-brief narrated PowerPoint presentations and video lectures-ideal for generating class discussions

•Features an online instructor's manual, including test items and PowerPoint slides for use in lectures

"[This book provides] the practicing behavior analyst [with] a well-grounded tool in completing the process from analysis to treatment. I highly recommend the book for all practicing behavior analysts as well as for graduate students entering the field."

-Michael F. Dorsey, Ph.D., BCBA
Professor of Program in Applied Behavior Analysis, Endicott College

" of the most detailed, practical, and useful textbooks geared for behavioral graduate students who are also concurrent practitioners....I learned a lot in one semester with the use of this textbook."

-Albee Ongsuco
Doctoral Student, Pediatric School Psychology, East Carolina University