Behavior Development Solutions

Handbook of Neurodevelopmental and Genetic Disorders in Children

Second Edition
Edited by Sam Goldstein
and Cecil R. Reynolds
Guilford Press, November 2010
Hardcopy, 588 Pages

Recognized as the definitive reference in the field, this book addresses a broad range of biologically based disorders that affect children's learning and development. Leading authorities review the genetics of each disorder; its course and outcome; associated developmental, cognitive, and psychosocial challenges; and what clinicians and educators need to know about effective approaches to assessment and intervention. Coverage encompasses more frequently diagnosed learning and behavior problems with a genetic component as well as numerous lower-incidence neurodevelopmental disabilities. Illustrations include 12 color plates.

New to This Edition

* Incorporates the latest scientific knowledge and clinical practices.

* Chapters on oppositional disorders and mood disorders.

* Lower-incidence disorders not covered in prior edition: mitochondrial disease, major cortical anomalies, spina bifida, and inborn errors of metabolism.