How Webinars Work

Purchasing a webinar seat...

  • If you are purchasing one or more seats but NOT attending the webinar, please do NOT purchase the seat using your account! The purchase of the seat should be made using the account of the person who will actually be attending the webinar. 
    • Instead, please make an account for the attendee of the webinar (whether it is yourself or an employee). 
      • Alternatively, you can ask the attendee to make an account for themself. You can then ask the attendee if you can log into their account and process payment.
        • This is very important! Registration links are automatically emailed to the account owner of which the order is processed. These links are not to be distributed externally. We must track the registrations to make sure distributing access to certificates is effortless for the attendee! 
  • Purchase access via the webinar product page on the account made in the previous step.
    • NOTE: If you are purchasing 10 or more seats to unlock the 15% discount, please contact BDS so a Purchase Order can be generated. Please provide a list of names and emails of all attendees.


Getting ready for the webinar...

  • Within a few minutes of purchase you will receive an email from BDS with a special link. You must use this link to pre-register for the webinar. *This email is not to be forwarded externally*
  • After registering you will receive an email from GoToWebinar with the link you must use to actually attend the live webinar!
    • Please Note: This is a LIVE Webinar! This means you must be able to attend during the exact day and time noted in this product description. A recording will not be available after the webinar.


Is my device compatible to attend this webinar?

  • You will need a reliable internet connection.  
    • To test your device for compatibility prior to the day of the event, please use this GoToWebinar test link: 
      • NOTE: BDS does not provide technical support for GoToWebinar, which is a 3rd party software. It is your responsibility to ensure your device and connection are sufficient. Please use the link above to test your device and internet speed before purchase, and also at least the day before the event.
      • There is a free GoToWebinar app you can use to join via your smartphone or tablet instead of your desktop or laptop computer.
      • There is also a dial-in number and PIN# you can use to hear the audio. Some attendees who have had issues have joined via their computer AND phone to both see AND hear the webinar! 


How do I earn my CEs?

  • Your attendance will be verified during the webinar via "poll" questions that will be asked at random intervals. 
    • If you do not respond to a sufficient number of these questions, you will not earn CE credit for attending; therefore, it is critical that you sign in to the webinar on-time AND remain present at your device during the entire webinar so that you can participate. 
      • The "poll" questions are not "test" questions and therefore are not designed to assess your knowledge; their purpose is to confirm that you are physically attending and actively attentive to the event.
  • Once the webinar has ended and after your attendance has been confirmed by BDS staff, you will be given access to a survey module on our learning platform (you will receive an email with instructions on accessing the survey module). This typically occurs within 1 to 2 business days after the day of the webinar. 
    • If you did not sign in on time, or if you logged off early, or if you did not respond to sufficient poll questions, you may not be invited to take the survey and earn CE credit due to failure to meet our active-attendance criterion (which exists in order to meet the BACB's ACE Provider requirements). 
  • Once you complete the survey module, your CE certificate will automatically be generated by our online learning platform! You can print or download it immediately. 


Notice for non BCBA/BCaBA attendees: 
Although BDS can provide proof of attendance to those who meet our attendance criterion, BDS makes no claims and takes no position with regard to how said attendance verification is utilized, particularly with regard to other disciplines/certifications/licenses. Certificates of Completion are only provided to those with BCBA or BCaBA certificant numbers. If you use proof of attendance toward SLP CE credit (or any form of continuing education "credits," "hours," or similar), BDS will not be held responsible for any outcome you may encounter. It is your responsibility to ensure that webinars and workshops that you attend will be considered appropriate and qualifying for your respective disciplines unique continuing education (or analogous) standards.  


With regard to Continuing Education for Psychologists:
Amego Prepare is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. Amego Prepare maintains responsibility for this program and its contents. If Psychology credits were purchased, please email your Psychology license number, the state in which you are licensed, and a copy of your course completion report to You can generate your course completion report by clicking the "reports" menu when you are logged into the Behavior Development Solutions learning platform ( Please complete all required modules prior to generating your course completion report. Amego Prepare will be notified and you will be emailed a psychology CE certificate. 


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Mandatory Disclaimer:
The Behavior Analyst Certification Board® does not warrant, endorse, sponsor, approve or partner with the CE events, this organization, or instructors. (Note that the above disclaimer does not mean that the BACB disapproves these products. They simply don't endorse any CE products or events and they want you to know this. However, they do approve providers and BDS is an Approved CE Provider. Therefore, you can rest assured that your CE credits will be accepted by the BACB.)

To manage your CE credits on the BACB web site, you will need our ACE Provider number: OP-02-0017. 
BDS is an authorized Type II continuing education provider.