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Applying Behavior Analysis Across the Autism Spectrum: A Field Guide for New Practitioners, Second Edition

by Beth Sulzer-Azaroff,
Kathleen Dyer,
Dianne Soucy,
and Susan Dupont
Sloan Publishing, 2012
Paperback / 330 pages

Behavior Analysis Applications in Developmental Disabilities Series Vols 1 - 5

Working with Staff
Preference-Based Teaching
Motivating Human Service Staff
The Supervisor's Guidebook
Promoting Happiness

Bringing Out the Best in People

by Aubrey Daniels
McGraw-Hill / 2015
Hardcover / 245 pages

Clinical and Organizational Applications of Applied Behavior Analysis

Edited by Henry S. Roane, Joel E. Ringdahl, and Terry S. Falcomata
Elsevier / 2015
Hardcover / 661 pages