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PEAK Relational Training System: Equivalence Module

Evidence-Based Autism Assessment and Treatment
by Dr. Mark R. Dixon
Shawnee Scientific Press / 2015
Paperback / 332 pages

The PEAK Equivalence Module is the third installment of an evidence-based autism assessment and treatment guide. PEAK uses the best practices of Applied Behavior Analysis to guide the novice or skilled therapist through all the necessary steps towards effective treatment for persons with autism and related disorders. PEAK stands apart from all other treatment guides and protocols in a variety of ways. First, it contains a reliable and valid assessment for determining what skills are present and deficit in a learner's repertoire. Second, it contains clear directions for how to collect, summarize, and report data for caregivers. Finally, PEAK contains 184 Goals/Objectives that can be immediately used for integration into IEPs and other clinical protocols. PEAK's Equivalence Module bridges the gap between 50 years of research on stimulus equivalence and step-by-step clinical intervention. Dixon takes the ABA therapist from the ground up in understanding the phenomena of equivalence and the utility it has for persons with disabilities. Imagine training only a subset of skills and watching others emerge without any actual intervention. Move beyond visual and auditory programs into a multi-sensory curriculum including smell, taste and touch. Grow language and cognition far more complex than simply naming and requesting objects. Topics include: Common Core targets, intelligence test targets, short/long term memory development, creative behavior, merging sensory modalities across stimuli, complex conversation skills, understanding emotions, and perspective taking. Don't settle for teaching only basic programs. Take the guess work out of what skills should come next in the learner's repertoire. PEAK will take the child with autism far beyond the other ABA treatment and program guides.

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