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PEAK Relational Training System: Transformation Module

Evidence-Based Autism Assessment and Treatment
By Mark R. Dixon
Shawnee Scientific Press / 2016
Paperback / 346 pages

The PEAK Direct Training Module is an evidence-based autism assessment and treatment guide. PEAK uses the best practices of Applied Behavior Analysis to guide the novice or skilled therapist through all the necessary steps towards effective treatment for persons with autism and related disorders. PEAK stands apart from all other treatment guides and protocols in a variety of ways. First, it contains a reliable and valid assessment for determining what skills are present and deficit in a learner's repertoire. Second, it contains clear directions for how to collect, summarize, and report data for caregivers. Finally, PEAK contains 184 Goals/Objectives that can be immediately used for integration into IEPs and other clinical protocols. PEAK's Direct Training Module is the next generation of ABA Therapy. PEAK includes steps on how to teach manding, requesting, tacting, labeling, social and emotional descriptions, using metaphors, developing effective social exchanges, and speaking in front of various audiences. Don't settle for teaching only basic skills. Take the guess work out of what skills should come next in the learner's repertoire. PEAK will take the child with autism far beyond the other ABA treatment and program guides.

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