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Preference-Based Teaching

Helping People With Developmental Disabilities Enjoy Learning Without Problem Behavior.
Edited by Dennis H. Reid & Carolyn W. Green
Habilitative Management Consultants, Inc. / 2005
Paperback / 192 pages

Volume 2 of Behavior Analysis Applications in Developmental Disabilities Series. Teaching new skills to people with developmental disabilities is often hampered by problem behavior during teaching sessions. This highly acclaimed book describes how to make teaching enjoyable for learners with disabilities. When learners enjoy teaching programs, they have no need for problem behavior.

Based on 55 years of combined work experience and 100 published articles, the authors describe a step-by-step approach for making the teaching process a preferred activity for learners with even the most significant disabilities. By using the described procedures, learners not only look forward to teaching sessions, their skill acquisition is also enhanced.

Thirteen chapters include how to...establish rapport with a learner so the learner enjoys working with the instructor - time the scheduling of teaching sessions to enhance enjoyment - tailor teaching procedures to individual learner preferences - provide preferred events before, during, and after a teaching session - embed learner choices in the teaching process.

Special Highlights: Reliance on evidence-based procedures demonstrated through applied research to be effective - concise summary of effective teaching strategies amenable to preference-based teaching - quick ways to identify learner preferences to embed in teaching - practical choice procedures to give learners desired control over aspects of teaching - a ready-to-use checklist for how to do preference-based teaching - how to make teaching enjoyable for teachers and instructors - ways supervisors and administrators can support teachers in making teaching enjoyable.