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At My Own Pace

The Autobiography of Fred S. Keller
Edited by Jon Bailey, Mary Burch, A. Charles Catania, and Jack Michael
Sloan Publishing / 2008
Paperback / 400 Pages
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Behavior of Organisms

By B.F.Skinner
Copley Publishing Group
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Conceptual Foundations of Radical Behaviorism

Edited by Jay Moore
Sloan Publishing, 2007
Paperback / 440 pages

Learning Fifth Edition

by A. Charles Catania
Sloan Publishing / 2013
Paperback / 529 pages

The ABC's of Behavior Analysis: An Introduction to Learning and Behavior

By A. Charles Catania
Sloan Publishing / 2017
Paperback / 389 pages

Walden Two

By B.F. Skinner
Hacket Publishing Company
Paperback / 320 Pages

Walden Two Read by B. F. Skinner

Read by B.F. Skinner
MP3 format (Files were made from cassette tapes
recorded as a birthday present for his elder daughter, Julie.)
Audio Only; Will not play in CD players
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