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Promoting Happiness Among Adults with Autism and Other Severe Disabilities

Volume 5 of Series
By Dennis H. Reid
Publisher: Habilitative Management Consultants, Inc. / 2016
Paperback / 303 pages
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Quality of life among adults with severe disabilities receiving supports in human service agencies is heavily determined by the amount of happiness they experience on a day-to-day basis. For people whose challenges make it difficult for them to readily describe their emotional experiences of happiness and unhappiness, support staff must take special care to ensure they promote daily happiness. This book describes in practical terms what human service staff can do to promote happiness among the people they support. Relying on 40+ years of experience and over 100 published articles on providing supports for people with severe disabilities, the author provides tried and tested means for identifying and increasing individual happiness.

Chapter Contents Include . . .

choice making and accessing identified preferences . . . teaching in ways that adults with severe disabilities enjoy . . . enhancing happiness by promoting independence . . . how to identify valid indicators of happiness and unhappiness among people who have challenges describing these private emotional experiences . . . practical strategies for increasing happiness and decreasing unhappiness during daily routines . . . working with staff to carry out evidence-based strategies to promote happiness

Special Highlights

*78 highlighted bullets of key information *forms for guiding actions to promote happiness

*case illustrations of actual means of promoting happiness and reducing happiness

*succinct chapter summaries of critical points for enhancing happiness *50 references of selected readings providing research-based evidence and background for chapter topics