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Telehealth in a Brave New World: Are You Ready for 2021? - November 13, 2020 11:00 am - 1:00 pm ET | WEBINAR

by Tina Patterson, M.Ed., BCBA, LBA

Earn 2 BACB Learning credits! Suited for BCBAs & BCaBAs.

Are you interested in expanding ABA practices in clinical, educational and community settings? Offering a hybrid service-delivery model alternating in-person sessions with telehealth sessions will help clinicians meet the needs of diverse populations and provide a structure for caregiver training to increase behavior skills for individuals and their families.

This 2-hour LIVE WEBINAR will occur on November 13th from 11:00am to 1:00pm, Eastern Time. THIS IS A FREE EVENT! ONLY PAY FOR CEs!




Telehealth is the use of electronic technologies to provide clinical support between an individual with developmental/behavioral concerns and a clinical practitioner. The continued development of internet technology to deliver this service has made telehealth a viable option for delivering ABA therapy services to individuals during quarantine and those residing in rural and underserved geographic regions. Telehealth systems provide a live, interactive audio-video teleconferencing connection between the individual in need of ABA therapy services and the clinical provider. Developing interactive telehealth sessions incorporates both the individual's program goals and creates opportunities for Naturalistic Environment Teaching to anchor skills in the real-world environment. This webinar will cover the following topics to help you implement interactive telehealth sessions:

  • Establishing a Telehealth policy for your organization
  • Interactive Telehealth sessions
  • Training staff and caregivers using Telehealth sessions


The primary goals of the use of telehealth in the delivery of ABA therapy services:

  1. Enhance access to AA clinical services in a timely manner
  2. Improve efficiency of ABA clinical services
  3. Increase caregiver training to improve an individual's maintenance and generalization of behavior skills

Biographical Information:

Tina Patterson, M.Ed., BCBA, LBA has been providing Telehealth since 2007.  She has been in the field of applied behavior analysis for over 20 years, working to improve behavior change practices in educational, clinical and community programs. Her career has focused on education, habilitation and treatment of at-risk populations, such as children and adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities and mental health issues. Throughout her years as a clinician, she has specialized in the understanding and treatment of significant behavioral challenges, such as self-injurious and aggressive behavior in individuals with autism and other developmental and mental health issues. Regarded as one a leader in applied behavior analysis, her work has encompassed not only clinical practices, but also organizational, regulatory, legal and policy issues, for example through serving as an expert witness in educational due process cases and writing guidelines and policies in the US and UK governing ABA treatment in developmental disabilities and mental health.








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