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The Precision Teaching Book

By Richard M. Kubina, Jr. & Kirsten K. L. Yurick
Greatness Achieved Publishing / 2012
Paperback / 470 pages
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To us, effective learning is the key to a better life and a better world. Effective learning is also a guiding principle. The principle by which we design instructional environments, explore new learning strategies, and help our learners grow into the extraordinary people they have the potential to become.

How better to achieve our learning goals than with Precision Teaching? Precision Teaching has changed over the years but its core scientific doctrine remains: pinpoint real, measurable behavior; count and record behavior with standard units of measurement – frequency; display, analyze, and communicate data on one of the most powerful time-series graphics available -  the Standard Celeration Chart; and apply systematic change procedures based on individual-centered data and continue trying to help learners if they do not meet their goal.


Measurable, changeable, real behavior.

Too many people select behavior that seems real but is an ambiguous approximation. Pinpointing draws on the rich history of Precision Teaching where precise, clear Movement Cycles allow everyone to observe and count real learner behavior.

Fundamental, powerful method for capturing learning behavior.

With Precision Teaching, counting and timing behavior is elevated to a science. Every decision rests on recording accurate counts of what learners do. One of the most fundamental pieces of data we can gather is frequency: count of learner behavior over time.

Robust, informed decision-making.

The one-of-a-kind Standard Celeration Chart offers data display exceptionally equipped for helping you make the best possible decisions for your learner. The chart is designed to tell you when changes are small and insignificant, and when the learner achieves truly remarkable progress.

Try Again.
Never give up on learners.

A widely held belief by all Precision Teachers is we should never give up on a learner. Through different change strategies and methods unique to Precision Teaching there is always a way to keep learners moving forward.