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This version was released in the Fall of 2008. It is PC compatible and cannot be used with Macs or iPads. The money-back guarantee for this version is no longer available on any purchases after July 1, 2012.

This version was released in the Fall of 2008. It is PC compatible and cannot be used with Macs or iPads. The software can be downloaded, or ordered on a CD. Once the program is installed, an activiation code must be obtained by calling Behavior Development Solutions between the hours of 9:00AM and 5:00PM (EST) weekdays. The activiation code is good for only 1 machine. The money-back guarantee for this version is no longer available on any purchases after July 1, 2012.  It is anticipated that we will be phasing out v6 in 2013.

New Version!
Version 7 was released in April, 2011. It is PC and Mac compatible. The instructional design model has been improved. The addition of the Acquisition Chapter (the 1 hour modules) allows more opportunities to go through modules at a leisurely pace. The Submit button prevents inadvertent selection of options. Larger font. The best difference is the opportunity to login on any computer connected to the Internet.

The CBA Learning Module Series is used by about half of the people who take the BCaBA and BCBA exams. It covers all 10 Content Areas of the BACB Task List 3rd edition. The material is presented in over 100 modules with a total of over 2,100 questions! Each question includes instructional content via "Hint" button.

The CBA Learning Module Series is not a practice test. Several questions are used to teach each concept. The student should practice the module until she gets all of them correct in the allotted time. It doesn't take long to go through the modules to get to 100% proficiency, and it's a fun way to review the material because it requires active responding. The program keeps track of your progress and you can print out or e-mail reports from inside the program. You can e-mail BDS any questions you have about specific items while you're working on the exercise. Also, when finished with an exercise, you can review the questions you missed.

You may want to consider a few supplementary materials. Because it is difficult to teach plotting of the points on the Standard Chart via computer, this is covered in books sold separately--Teaching and Learning in Plain English and Standard Celeration Charting 2002. Another book we recommend is Teaching Language to Children with Autism and Other Related Developmental Disabilities. If you have any weak areas, we may recommend other books. Please get in touch. If you have already taken the BCaBA or BCBA exam and have not passed, we especially recommend that you give us a call to discuss not only possible supplementary materials, but also strategies for preparing for the exam. To better advise you, please have available your exam results from the BACB.

Each of the 2100+ questions on the CBA Learning Module Series includes:

• four multiple choice options
• corrective feedback for each incorrect option
• a hint
• a text book reference for more information on that topic

Inappropriate memorization is controlled by:
• randomizing the order of the questions
• randomizing the placement of the options
• making incorrect options almost correct
• and several other strategies

The time criterion assures that fluent responding is achieved—the kind of learning that leads to retention.

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Graphs in the CBA Learning Module Series were developed using ChartEXT.

About the Author
Dr. Stephen Eversole holds a MA in Applied Behavior Analysis from Western Michigan University and a doctorate in Special Education from the University of Kentucky. He is a BCBA-D and has over 30 years experience working as a behavior analyst with indviduals with developmentally disabilities and emotional problems.

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